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Can you schedule instagram posts from a desktop computer?

The good news are that there is a lot of software out there which you can use to schedule your posts with an app or on your computer. The biggest problem with all that software it that you almost always have to pay a few dollars for it and that's annoying right? So if you have to pay money for scheduling your posts on instagram then you definitely want the best instagram scheduler out there right? But which instagram schedule is the best in 2020? Well, I think the best software or the best instagram scheduler is iconosquare. So let's take a look at the amazing instagram scheduler called iconosquare.

How much do I have to pay for an instagram scheduler?

The pricing of instagram scheduler tools is very different. You can find some tools for a few dollars or even some tools like "Later" you can use for free if you don't schedule to many posts per month pretty cool right? But we are going to take a look at the pricing of iconosquare right here and right now. Like all the other instagram scheduler you also can choose between different packages here:

How many profile can I manage with iconosquare?

Even in the smalles package from iconosquare you can handle 3 instagram accounts. We both know that you are handling more than one account on that you have to post every single day that you want to automate that process with an instagram scheduler right? You also can take a look at all the bigger packages if you are managing more than 3 instagram accounts.

Can I test the service before I make a decision?

Like many other instagram schedulers iconosquare also comes with a 14-Day-Free Trial. So before you make a final decision you can basically test all the different tools for a short period of time to know what the tools have to offer besides scheduling instagram posts and as I can tell you from my own Experience iconosquare has a lot of things which are pretty, pretty helpful when it comes to instagram.

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How to schedule posts from desktop computer:

In this short video I will show you step-by-step how you can schedule your instagram post from your desktop. We will use iconosquare for that, and we will also set everything up in that video so you have no problems when it comes to scheduling your instagram posts.

Why should I choose iconosquare and not another scheduler?

Is iconosquare really the best instagram scheduler for me?

Well in my opinion iconosquare is the best tool when it comes to instagram. However, everyone has their own opinion right? So I highly recommend to use and test all the softwares regarding instagram that you can find and then to finally choose which software fills your needs the best. In my case it's iconosquare and you will also find a full Review of iconosquare here:
iconosquare review - it's more than a scheduler!
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Are there alternatives to iconosquare?

You should be able to answer that question by yourself if you read everything in the article. However, there is also an instagram scheduler called "Later" and both of the instagram scheduler tools I mentioned in this article are offical instagram partners so you will not have any issues or problems if you use one of them.

With the later instagram scheduler you actually can schedule 30 posts per month totally for FREE. And if you use the button under the video to sign up for Later you will get +10 extra posts per month.

In the video I will show you how to set up later and how you can use it:

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