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1. The one question which changed everything..

Will you make the right decision today?

Hey my name is Joschi from the IG Academy. Yesterday you downloaded our free E-Book and I hope you enjoyed it.
You made a great decision downloading it but you have to read it and this is a decision you also have to make.

A short story from my life

So a few years ago I always wanted to do so many things and I always wanted to be successful and I thought I would do everything for it but at the end I really did not much for it.

I wanted to achieve it but every time a friend asked me "Wanna go out?" or even better "Are you up to play a few games?" I always replied with yes. And guess what, that happened every day.

So I always was out with friend or playing some games of Starcraft II and I always told myself "That take just a couple of hours, after I am finished I will do something for my business." But I almost never did. The couple hours almost always went to a lot of hours and at the end I was so tired that I directly went to sleep.

Then came a normal day that changed everything. I was visiting my mother and she told me that she had a lot to pay for a car in that month. The service had been made and a few day after that she got a flat tire.

I was feeling the pain in her voice and at the end she asked me to borrow her a bit of money for the next month. At that moment I was so frustrated and angry at myself because I could not help her out. I simply had not that much money to borrow. So I made a decision. I decided to never play video games again and I also decided to say "NO" to my friends sometimes just to work on my own business.

That was a key moment for me but what I want you to know is that you always can make a decision and it is always up to you. I could have made that decision much earlier and then I would have had no problem to help my mother out but I did not made that decision. I was just a student playing video games.

Now you know everything is up to you! I hope you make the right decisions as early as possible and get some work done.

Joschi (Motivation Ninja)

2. The first present the strategy..

How I made my first 1€ online and how you can do it as well..

So I started completely from scratch I did not even know that it is possible that you can earn money online. That means I had to do a lot of research first to make my first 1€ online. And I also spent a lot before I made my first 1€ online. I tried so many things and I was very frustrated that I don't made a cent after a while.

I thought it impossible for me to make money online and I was close to giving up. But I saw that other people made money online and I had the right mindset. If someone can do it I can do it as well.

So I just kept going but it seemed like nobody wanted to buy something and nobody wanted to even click on my links. I thought I need to find another way.

And if you already read my E-Book you maybe know how you can get 10€ if you create a paypal account. I found that website and I realized thats the way I can start with. For my first money used this website called: aklamio.

Why aklamio? Because you can earn money if you buy something that means nobody else has to use your link isn't that great? I guess you are thinking "How should that work, when you have to buy something yourself if you want to make money?"

I will tell you what you don't have to buy anything yourself you just need a strategy and I will share my strategy here with you. I don't know in which countries you can use it but you should try it because its so easy.

Okay here is what I did:
First I figured out which of my friends are doing online shopping and then I figured out which shops they do like the most. So at the end I knew some of my friend are ordering by nike and some of them are ordering by asos or something like that. So I thought that did not work well.

Then I looked at all my female friends and I figured out they all like creams and beauty products and they all ordered at least online once. And then I knew I will make my first money.

So I was telling them I am going to order something from The Body Shop and then I asked them if they also want something so that I or "we" don't have to pay the shipping costs. I can tell you what girls are loving the body shop. So at the end I had a few girls who were going to order with me so I had no shipping costs and I did not order anything there. I just organized everything ordered for all of my friends and got 10% of the money they spent.

It takes a while till you will get the money but it works after the first month it looked like this.

Maybe its a bit hard to read but I made 163,83€  after just one month. And I was getting another 16,21€ after everything is confirmed. So very simple and very easy and everybody can do this.

What you have to do to make more than 10,00 - 20,00€?
Go out and talk to your friends. I always was out with some friends and then they ordered pizza I said "okay I will organize that and place that order. You just have to place that order via your link you can use cash to pay the pizza. Very simple and effective especially on parties.

What also works?
Listen to your friends maybe they are searching for a hotel or a cheap flight help then and use the strategy. You can do it with everything but you have to put in that work first

You want to make money this easy as well? Then you have to take the following steps:

  1. If you are having an adblocker disable them if you don't it will not work
  2. Click that link https://www.aklamio.com/en to go to aklamio and create your account
  3. Organize order for your friends and start making your first money

I hope you enjoyed this story and I would love to see you guys making your first money online. I will talk to you soon.

Joschi (Motivation Ninja)

3. That was my biggest mistake..

I was surfing on facebook one day and an ad caught my attention. Someone was telling something about online marketing and what you will learn if you make an internship by him.

I thought wow that is a great opportunity you will make this 6 month you don't get any payments but you will learn everything. I clicked that ad and I was so motivated.

He told in his videos that are only 7 person could do that internship and the best of this 7 will earn a lot of money. It was like 1000€ for managing plus you are getting many shares so that you easily will make twice as much or even more.

At this point I truly wanted it I thought "Yees I will be the best one". So I was a student at this time and I did not went to university once because I wanted to be the best and get a job after that internship.

I was the best and I got a job and I was so happy. Did I learn much? Not really I was just getting the crappy tasks as all the other people who did an internship there. And I realized that there were way more than 7 people. It was like 50+ people.

I was not giving up and thought I will earn something but I did not earn single dolloar and was working my ass off.

I realized what he did and it was pretty smart. That guy I was working for was hiring trainees like me and then promise them the best ones will get a job and will earn a lot.

You work 6 month completely for free that is not the worst thing. You are working 6 month completely for free for someone else. That means you work for his goals, you work and he gets the money and you work to help him to achieve his dreams much faster.

That would not be a problem for me if you are getting paid for it then do it, at least you are getting money. But I was getting completely nothing and that was my biggest mistake. I almost wasted a whole year working for someone elses dreams.

So I had to make a decision and I did. I quit that job and decided to work on my own dreams. It is harder because no one is saying you what to do but if you really want it, you will find a way.

I just don't want you to make the same mistake as I did. Work on your own, work for yourself and work for your dreams. I know someday all the hardwork will pay off. I will talk to you soon.

Joschi (Motivation Ninja)

4. The second present is something you can listen to..

I want to give you another present..

I know it is hard to keep your motivation up and I know how hard it is to always keep going especialy when you don't see any results.

I hope you already read my book because then you know what helped me a lot was music and it still helps me to keep going and it motivates me everytime.

I will share my playlist with you..

Music motivates me and I am pretty sure that it can work for you as well. So I am going to share my motivational playlist with you and this is my present for you. Maybe you like it maybe you don't.

The songs just keep motivating me and it could work for you as well maybe you just like a few songs of it but that would also be great if these songs can motivate you.

There are some german songs in it as well I love them but I am from Germany if you don't like them it is up to you. Create your own playlist and motivate yourself.

I am sure you find some songs that will motivatie you as well. If you think I missed a song just send that song to me if I like it I will add it to the playlist.

Just click the buttons below for the YouTube or for the spotify Playlist and then start hustling.

I really hope you enjoy that music and I also really hope that it motivates you!
I would love to see your IG Pages growing soon if you have any questions or just want to talk to me personally just write me a message on instagram @motivation.ninja

Joschi (Motivation Ninja)

5.  Get your free copy of dotcom secrets..

There are actually 2 books out there from Russel Brunson which you can get for FREE. The first one is Dotcom Secrets and I really hope that you already have it in your bookshelf and the second one is Expert Secrets.

If you want to start a business no matter if it's an online business or a local business then I highly recommend to read these two books. You will learn a lot about how you start and run your business successful.

In the books Russel Brunson is sharing secrets.. thats why the books are called dotcom / expert secrets and you can use these secrets to level up your business and reading this books will really help you.

I don't want to talk anymore just go to the website and get your free Book now!

6. Some tips to increase your IG-Game..

How you can increase your story views..

If you already started with your IG-Account you will probably know that stories a very good and powerful thing to interact with your followers and turn them into real fans. The problem is just a few of your followers will watch your stories right?

So here is a very simple trick to increase the number of your stories views and the best thing is if you use that tip you can gain new follower as well.

The tip is very very simple. You just have to use #Hashtags. And I don't mean just one hashtag I mean you can use 5 - 20 hashtags so why you don't use them? You think it will look stupid in your story?

Well then watch this video I will show you how to use hashtags in your stories so that nobody knows you are using them.

How to save time when posting on IG..

There is a very simple way to save a bit of time every day when you post on instagram. Every time you make a post you have to upload the picture write a caption, write the hashtags and maybe tag some people.

If you are in a hurry it will take to much time. I made a short video in which I show you how you can plan your posts for a day. If you do it, it will just take a few seconds to share your post as you wanted it.

7.  How to turn your followers into money..

Partner up with people and brands..

Once you grew your IG-Account to 10k, 15k, 20k, 25k or even more follower you can easily partner up with some people. The good thing is there will be a lot of people who are going to partner up with you but there is also something bad in it..

So you definetly want to partner up with someone who has good products and with someone you really can trust right? You will probably get a tons of messages with people who want to partner up with you.
My advice here is, before you partner up with someone talk a few days with him and ask a lot of question so you exactly know how the whole process works.

The best case is when you partner up with someone in the same niche as you. I already partnered up with a shop which is selling motivating merch and stuff like that. That really fits into my niche. So that is a perfect example for a good partnership, because I am in the motivational niche as well.

I will show you my partner and what I got from him so you can close a good deal as well. So as I said you can buy motivational merch like t-shirts, cups and stuff there right? I partnered up with him so I just can give everyone a discount code to save 10%. If you want to use the code just enter: NINJA.

Thats the deal I made so I can give my followers something for "free". You can check out the shop just hit the button below.