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PP Network (PPN) - Full Review

1. What is the PP Network (PPN) and how does it work?

The PP Network (PPN) is a group of people that help each other so you can actually really call it a Network. The whole network (PPN) runs on telegram, which is an app like whatsapp, which is also totally for free and I like it a lot better than whatsapp. The PP Network (PPN) is kind of an "underground" community with a lot of people who know a lot about instagram and help each other.  There are different packages you can choose from in the PP Network but we will take about that later on. First of all let us talk about DM groups and how they work and what does the PP Network offer as a solution for that.

1.1 Do DM groups on Instagram still work?

First of all let me explain you what DM groups or engagement groups are and why you should use them. So a long time ago instagram used chronological but they changed it so now your followers will see posts that get the best engagement (likes, comments) first in their feed. Of course there are some other factors which are also relevant but this is kind of how it works.

Now, that people are lazy they are not scrolling down to the buttom so you want to have your post in the top of your followers feed right? And that's how DM groups / Engagement groups were born.  But there is also another reason why they are so popular can you guess why?

Getting early engagement helps you to get MORE EXPOSURE!

So if you get early engagement you have a very high chance of hitting the explore page or ranking on hashtags and that's also a good reason why engagement groups or instagram networks like the PP Network (PPN) exist. Is it really worth it to pay for a group or a network when you can create all those groups by yourself or get invited into them totally for free? Well let's take a detailed look at that and also at everything that is different in a premium network like PPN.

Is paying for PP Network (PPN) really worth it?

First of all let us take a look at the different packages and options the PP Network has to offer:

Before we can choose a package we have to different options. We can choose a motivational package and a travel package. So there is a big difference in those 2 packages already. But the motivational package offers basically the same + a little bit more as the travel package. But you have to note that the groups you will be putted in are different so if you are in the travel niche you might pick the travel package right here.

We are going to take a look at the motivational package because we cover every tool in those package and as I told you the travel niche just has a different group so there is not a big difference.

So as you can see you can choose from 3 different packages and the pricing is different. In some packages you get more and in some you get a little less. So as I want to give you a full review I purchased the package with the highest pricing and show you everything it offers in the video below:

I already spent $30 for you to make this review:

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This was just part 1 of the review!

What does the PP Network (PPN) offer?

I took the most expensive package on the PP Network (PPN) which is a premium instagram network just to show you what they have to offer and give you full insights on everything you get in a premium instagram network like the PP Network (PPN). Because you get a lot out of $30 in the PP Network (PPN) and I also give you a full walkthrough on how to use everything and how to set everything up there is more than one video. If you don't have time to watch all those videos you also can read a full article of my review of the PP Network. If you have any more questions always feel free to ask me.

  • Hashtag Research Tool
  • Viral Content Research tools
  • Inactive Followers Analysis
  • Educational Platform
  • Shout-out exchange platform
  • Marketplace
  • 3 accounts in engagement group
  • Community group

Why should I pay for this engagement group?

So, the whole PP Network runs on Telegram which is actually pretty good. What happens here is that you have access to all the tools and also to engagement rounds. So the PP Network (PPN) works with rounds instead of just being a group.

What does that mean?

That simply means that you can join engagement rounds every 3 hours. If you join a round you will get likes and a +4 word comment from everyone who also joined the round. The best thing about it is that you only have 60 - 90 minutes to complete a whole list. That means you get the engagement within 60 - 90 minutes and that's exactly what you want.

What happens if I don't get likes from the people in my round?

What actually happens in all those Instagram DM groups or engagement groups is that there are like 20 people in and only 2 - 3 people engage on your post right? It can be so frustrating and it feels like you don't get a lot out of it.

Premium Instagram Networks have the perfect solution for this. If you join a round and don't engage on every user who is in that round you get a WARNING TICKET. If you get 3 warning tickets you will get a ban and can't join any engagement rounds for 24 - 48 hours. That's why it's working. People see the results they are getting and don't want to get a ban so they will engage on your post but you have to do the same!

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What is included in the more expensive packages?

Here is what you get for $29,99:

  • Video Review of your profile
  • Shoutouts from profiles with over 100k followers
  • Promotional Content creation

As I told you I took the growth booster package from PPN just to show you what you will get if you chose it. The website is lacking a lot of information but I will give you full insights. So here is the second part of the PPN Review for you putted down into a video:

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Let's break this down!

To get your promotional content you first have to fill out a survey, which is actually a good idea. But the content examples on the survey are not really high quality, you can see them at the picture below. Also, if you sign up with that package you have to be patient. It took over a month to get the content and also the shoutouts and before you get the shoutouts you don't even know the pages where th shoutouts are running on?!

The PPN Affiliate Program

Is it worth it using the PPN affiliate Program?

So let's take a look at the PP Network (PPN) affiliate conditions first, because that's what is the most interesting right? Like how much can we really earn if we promote their network?

As you can see you will get 40% commission for every member you bring in but ONLY FOR 6 MONTHS. So how much you earn depends on what package the people you invite buy in first place. But that you only get commission for half a year is very, very bad right? Because you putted in all your efforts and a lot of hours work into getting new members in and after 6 months all of your work is basically gone because you don't get any more commission after 6 months.

Then if you are part of the most successful people in the PPN affiliate program you can win rewards. As you can see the prize pool is about $25 and this is a screenshot from the last day of the months. So do you win a lot? No, but it's also not that hard to earn a spot in the top 5 affiliates to get some extra money.

The worst thing about the PPN Affiliate Program..

You get 40% commission for only 6 months which is already pretty bad because they also could give lifetime commission right?

But there is actually a part of the PP Network Affiliate Program which is even worse. The worst thing about the PP Network (PPN) Affiliate Program is that you have to be a member of it to use their affiliate program. That means you have to subscribe at least to the $13.99 package in order to make money with the Affiliate Program of the PP Network.

If you just join because you want to make some money with it you first have to make $13.99 and only after that you are profitable.

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Is the PPN Affiliate Program really worth it?

Is it worth it using the PPN affiliate Program?

First of all you need to buy yourself in to use the affiliate program from the PP Network (PPN). Second of all you just earn commission for 6 months and don't get a life-time commission which is actually awful in my opinion. However, if you are a total beginner you should definitely give it a try, because you will learn a lot from them and the PP Network even provides you with a sales script you can use to promote and sell their service.

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Are you patient enough?

Since I paid for the growth booster package which includes shoutouts from profiles with 100k+ followers and also content creation I also want to show it to you. However, after about over a week now, I still didn't get any shoutouts and the content was also not provided. I will show you everything and also show you the pages you get shoutouts from in this PP Network Review. Because it took so much time there is even a third video about the PP Network Review. You can watch it below:

The PP Network (PPN) created content for me and here are the results, it took them over a week to create this 2 posts and here you can see it:

Which pages do you get shoutouts from?

How many shoutouts do you get with the most expensive package of the PP Network? First of all the website tells us "Shoutouts from profiles with over 100k followers" so as we read that, you may think we definitely will get more than one single shoutout right? WRONG! We only get one shoutout and here is how it looks like and also the results:

That's the page you get a shoutout from so as you can see it has way more than 100k follower and also the engagement is pretty good. So the shoutout could work pretty good, but it's in the facts niche right? And as you remember we signed up for the PP Network (PPN) for the motivational niche. So it doesn't make any sense to get a shoutout from a page in this niche. Now let us take a look at the demographics also:

Now as you can see the audience from the account you get a shoutout from has a very low quality but at least as far as the engagement goes you should gain a lot of followers right?

So the shoutout was done on the first of November and as you can see I don't really gain more followers than I do on average. So we get a shoutout on from the PP Network (PPN) on an almost 300k instagram page with barely any effect. Is the $30 PP Network worth it then?

What about the video review from PPN?

Okay, 2 weeks after I subscribed to the serive of the PP Network I got a full video review on one of my pages. It was a video review for about 10 minutes and I think this is the best part of the whole package because you get a lot of tips in this review and especially if you are just starting on instagram it will help you a lot. Now let's break this down!

Basically in the video review of the PP Network the broke down the whole profile They told me my bio looks like a copy paste bio and the same for the content. The tips the gave me is to create more unique content and create a better bio. Also they told me I need to post more stories and to create some highlight covers. That's about it! If I am honest with you they told me exactly what I need to do and I also will do that. As you can see the page is pretty fresh so I did not took the time yet to set everything up properly.

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Are there alternatives to the PP Network?

Basically what the PPN Network offers is really great as you can see in this review but is there something similar that you can use instead?

The answer is: YES!. There is another premium Network which is actually a little more expensive but also offers more, it is called Executive Mafia.

If you don't want to spend any money there are also a lot free engagement groups out there but in my opinion they almost never work.

However, if you want to use a free engagement group then I highly recommend you wolfglobal. I think it's the best free engagement group or engagement pod you can get for free. This also runs on telegram so make sure to download this app.

Do you also make a review of Executive Mafia (EXM)?

Yes there will also be a full Executive Mafia (EXM) Review you can find it here.

You actually can now join Executive Mafia (EXM) totally for FREE! That means you get access to a premium network without paying a sinlge penny for it. You don't get all the tools but it is totally worth it. You can check out the Tutorial here: Yes, I want to see the tutorial

If you want to take action NOW, and just join one of these premium networks you will find links below:

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Join Executive Mafia (EXM) NOW!