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There are so many instagram courses, networks and all the stuff out there that you probably don't know what you should buy right? You don't want to waste your money on products or services you don't need and it's to hard to make a decision on what to buy right?

Let me help you with it! I'm going to buy a lot of stuff and going to give you full insights and reviews so that you know if product x or service y is the right thing for you. I will start by making reviews of instagram premium networks like PPN (PP Network) and of course I also will give you a review about Executive Mafia (EXM). I talk a lot about Executive Mafia so it's time to give you a review on that and full insights on that as well get ready for it!

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I will spend my OWN MONEY FOR YOU! What service or product you want a review on to get full insights? It doesn't matter if it's a premium instagram network like Executive Mafia (EXM) or PPN. It also can be an instagram course or maybe a coaching? Send me a message on instagram with the product or service you want to get full insights on

I already spent $30 for you to make this review:

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I took the most expensive package on the PP Network (PPN) which is a premium instagram network just to show you what they have to offer and give you full insights on everything you get in a premium instagram network like the PP Network (PPN). Because you get a lot out of $30 in the PP Network (PPN) and I also give you a full walkthrough on how to use everything and how to set everything up there is more than one video. If you don't have time to watch all those videos you also can read a full article of my review of the PP Network. If you have any more questions always feel free to ask me.

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