My name is Joschi and this is my story.

I always had the dream to make money online. Basically it started when I was still going to school. I hated school so much and I was honestly the worst student ever. I never learned but I still passed everything. Before I finished school I needed to make some money to live but I also didn't felt like going to a 9 - 5 was the right thing for me to do so I searched for ways to make money online. At the end I landed in a 9 - 5 job and during all of this I learned a lot because I wanted to make money from anywhere and I just don't wanted to change my time for money and this is where my journey begins..

And now I'm here to share all my experience with you and to teach you how you finally can build an audience on instagram and if you go hard on it I also will show you how you can make money just from your phone. I will add some articles and videos time after time and the only thing you have to do is to watch the videos or read the articles and then apply everything you learn. Sound fair?

Great things are coming..

  • How to schedule your posts and save a ton of time
  • A full review and walkthrough of the PPN (Network)
  • How to join Executive Mafia totally for Free
  • How to write the perfect captions and how to add spaces to them
  • Link in bio hack!
  • Story Hacks that will give you more story views
  • Book reviews that will help you to scale your online business
  • Productivity hacks - NEVER procrastinate again
  • AVR-Formula on Instagram
  • VRIN-Score

But first let my give you some bonuses just for being part of the NINJA ARMY!

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The first bonus I have for you is a FREE membership in the premium instagram network which is called Executive Mafia (EXM). Later on I also will give you a full Executive Mafia Review so you know all the tools and possiblities that network has to offer. Executive Mafia (EXM) really helped me to grow my page and after I started using Executive Mafia my growth just skyrocketed. So be ready for the full Executive Mafia Review and save your FREE Executive Mafia Account right NOW! Or go all in and go for a subscription to use all the tools Executive Mafia has to offer instantly.

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This video will show you step-by-step how you can beat procrastiantion and how you finally double your productivity to get the most out of your time. That's not all on top of those many free tips on how you can be more productive I will gift you a FREE FOCUS PLAN. You can use it every single day just as I tell you in the video and it will help you to finally beat procrastination and achieve your goals. So make sure to grab your FREE FOCUS PLAN.

You wanna start getting results already?

The IG- Academy is the best course you can join when you really wanna know how to grow your Instagram page and make money with it. Joschi really knows what he’s talking about and explains everything step by step. When I started my page I knew nothing about instagram, but when I immediately applied what I have learned here, I got amazing results in just a few weeks because of this course. I’m so thankful and will recommend this course to everyone who wants to make money with instagram and wants to grow his page.

Billionaireachievements @billionaireachievements

I am Upendra Varma(@vision2billionairemind) from India and studying engineering and I was searching for an online business oppurtunity and luckilyy I saw and I checked the IG ACADEMY and joined my with pocket money .

I just believed in Joschi’s content
I learned and started my page(@vision2billionairemind) and I also started earning money with Joschi's help and now my total earnings are more than $2000(1.5lakh INR)  recently I paid my college fee with IG money.

Thank you Joschi🤗
Thank you IG ACADEMY

Upendra Varma
Upendra Varma @vision2billionairemind

When it comes to Instagram growth there are loads of so called experts that preach a good game, but IG Academy is definitely something that can turn all those words into strong actions. IG Academy gave me confidence and specific knowledge that helped me in creating my own strategy for a long run. But it wasn't just about the new knowledge. The main benefits of IG Academy came from individual feedback that Joschi provided while setting the right foundations and leading me through the growth journey that I really needed. So if you ask me was it really worth it? All I can say is, try it and watch the results coming.

Wired Motion
Wired Motion @wired_motion
Yes, I want to join the IG Academy