Iconosquare Review

Is iconosquare just an instagram scheduler?

Of course you can schedule instagram posts with iconosquare with a desktop computer, a laptop or just with the mobile app and when we just take a look at the scheduler we also see some things they did really great compared to other instagram schedulers. Now we want to take a detailed look at iconosquare and all the things it has to offer in this iconosquare review. So let's get started!

How much do I have to pay for the instagram scheduler iconosquare?

The pricing of instagram scheduler tools is very different. And most of the instagram schedulers like iconosquare also come with different packages. However, with iconosquare you can do a lot of stuff and in the first package you already have 3 accounts that you can handle which is pretty good. If you have more than 3 instagram accounts you they still have the right option for you. The best thing about iconosquare is that you can get full access to everything for 14 days totally for FREE!

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Let's take a look at the iconosquare scheduler

First of all is iconosquare safe to use? Yes it is 100% sure because they are an offical instagram partner. So you can schedule your instagram posts from wherever you want without having to worry about anything. Why do I like this instagram scheduler so much? Well, it's pretty simple, iconosquare comes with a calendar that shows you the best times to post for your own instagram account. So whenever you ask yourself what are the best time to post on instagram? This scheduler will tell you the exact times on each and every day with a little "star" icon in the calendar. Also this scheduler shows you how many people usally engage at specific timings. Pretty cool huh?

Iconosquare Review - Full Review:

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If you don't have time to read the full iconosquare review or if you just enjoy videos more this video is all about iconosquare and it's basically a full iconosquare review.

What else has iconosquare to offer?

Lets take a look at all the options iconosquare gives us

In this iconosquare review you will find out that iconosquare has so much more to offer than just scheduling posts for instagram. However, a pretty cool thing that this instagram scheduler gives you, is showing you the perfect times to upload your posts regarding your audience. So you will never have any problems with thinking about the time when you need to upload a post. You will find a star in your iconosquare calendar with the best time for you to upload your instagram post like this:

What else is cool about iconosquare?

Another thing which is amazing is that you can create your own default dashboard in this app. That means you can create an own dashboard that just shows the metrics that you really wanna see. Sound great? Well it is.

The best thing on iconosquare in my opinion is that you can create different hashtag lists and also something called "saved captions". That means you can create and save your own hashtags sets in the app and simply add them by just clicking a single button. If you wanna know that works just watch the iconosquare review video. Why is that so great?

If you are posting every single day then you want to use different hashtags to avoid getting punished by instagram that's why I highly recommend you to create different hashtags lists and also rotate then. Sounds hard? Well with iconosquare it's one of the easiest things ever!

And one last thing you also can reply and see all your comments with that instagram software sounds good? It really is!

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Are there alternatives to iconosquare?

You should be able to answer that question by yourself if you read everything in the article. However, there is also an instagram scheduler called "Later" and both of the instagram scheduler tools I mentioned in this article are offical instagram partners so you will not have any issues or problems if you use one of them.

With the later instagram scheduler you actually can schedule 30 posts per month totally for FREE. And if you use the button under the video to sign up for Later you will get +10 extra posts per month.

In the video I will show you how to set up later and how you can use it:

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