What is affiliate Marketing and how can you use it?

Before we are taking deep dives in some affiliate programs and how you can use them to make money online, I want to explain you what affiliate marketing is and also I want to show you different platforms where you can find good affiliate programs. We don't want to waste any time so let us hop right into it!

So what is affiliate marketing? Well it's very simple, there are a lot of products out there and also a lot of digital products right? Now some sellers or creators of those products giving you the options to promote their products and earn comission if you make some sales. Sounds pretty easy and cool? Well it is pretty cool and easy because the only thing you need to do to make money with affiliate marketing is to promote a product from someone else.

Which products can I promote?

Almost every digital product that you buy comes with an affiliate program as well pretty cool isn't it? There are also a lot of physical products which have an affiliate program and also some big brands if they collab with you. Most of the time big companys will give you a discount code you can give away and you will earn a comission based on how many people bought stuff with your code. But let's take a detailed look at the digital products. So there are two very big plattforms for affiliate marketing:

Those are the 2 big affiliate plattforms:

The biggest plattform should be clickbank.com you can find tons of products here even in different languages and you also can create and run your own products on their website. So if you want to make some money with affiliate marketing you need to check clickbank out for sure.

The other platfrom is called Digistore24 and I actually like this platform way more but it is a german platform. So you will find less international products on here but a lot of german products. The good thing is that you also can run your own products here which I do! Basically you can just use digistore24 to promote my Instagram Academy (IG Academy). I will give you 50% commission for every sale you make with your link. Now if you want to make money with digistore and want to promote the Instagram Academy then do it right here: Yes, I want to make money with the Instagram Academy!

Which product / service has the best affiliate program?

Well, that's a question where there is no real answer to right? I don*t know what service or which product will work best for you, your instagram page or your audience. You just have to test different things and different strategies. But what I actually highly recommend is to just promote services or products that you actually bought or tested and that you think are pretty, pretty good.

Which products work best on instagram?

That is again a very, very good question. Basically you can sell anything on instagram it does not really matter what it is. What really matters is your niche and that you are selling the right things in the right niche. If you are for example in the fitness niche you should sell products or services which are related to fitness, sounds simple? Well it is that simple. On business pages or quotes pages normally "Making money" products work pretty good for example the Instagram Academy. What also works pretty good are instagram growth services in that niche like PPN or EXM. I actually already did a full review of the PP Network you can check it out here: Show me the PP Network Review!

Is it really possible to make money with instagram?

Yes it is 100% to make money with instagram and the power of affiliate marketing and it really doesn't matter what you promote. I made money affiliate marketing products, I made money with my own products and I also made money with the PP Network and the Executive Mafia Affiliate Program!

Is it easier to make money when you have a big page?

It's so much easier to make money when you have a bigger page simply because you reach more people right? But that doesn't mean you need a big following to start making money. You already can start making money with only a few hundred followers  that's crazy right? But it's 100% possible.

And I will give you an example right here. So to make money with the PPN affiliate program you need to subscribe to their service as you can read it in my PP Network Review. And I just subscribed to their service and within the first week I made a sale with a 1k page and made some money just with instagram, crazy right?

I know this is not much but I didn't even putted work in for this! Someone just texted me randomly and I explained everything in 5 minutes and got a sale! So if you are going hard on this you can even make more I am 100% sure!

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You don't want to spend money to promote an instagram service?

If you want to promote a instagram growth service similar to PPN but you don't want to put in some money first then I also have the perfect solution for you! Your way to go is the Executive Mafia Affiliate Program! I like the Executive Mafia affiliate program even more and the best thing is you can sign up on Executive Mafia totally for free and then you can start using the Executive Mafia Affiliate Program! Here is a tutorial on how to join Executive Mafia for FREE:

Do you want to know more?

If you want I have some pretty good news for you! As this is going to be an educational blog I will break down a lot affilate programs like Executive Mafia Affilate Program, the PP Network affiliate program, clickfunnels and a lot more and I want you to be part of my journey!

I also will write reviews about the Executive Mafia Affiliate Program or about Executive Mafia in general and many more products / services so always make sure to check this blog out!

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